Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still waiting

Oh my god..Its already 12th January.Just four more days I will know how my future is going to be.Haih Incik ABoo,whats wrong with you la ! You almost there,then u ruined everything.Gosh,should done better.I admit I'm a lil bit nervous about it.If thing is not going the way i expected so I'M A DEAD MAN.Shit everyboy keeps on saying that "there's always next time' but until when? I should change a lot,inside and outside.Man,u should start working ABoo...NOW !

Let say that i dont make it,so its going to be tough for me.Should start all over again.Shit,I really hate that but what can i do.Like org tua says"xde rezeki kamu la tu'.So I need to concentrate and i hope i will prevail!

my future rely on me and "YOU"...


Friday, January 9, 2009

Love Hurts

Tonight we drink to youth
And holding fast to truth
(I don't want to lose what I had as a boy.)
My heart still has a beat
But love is now a feat.
(As common as a cold day in LA.)
Sometimes when I'm alone, I wonder
Is there a spell that I am under
Keeping me from seeing the real thing?

Love hurts...
But sometimes it's a good hurt
And it feels like I'm alive.
Love sings,
When it transcends the bad things.
Have a heart and try me,
'cause without love I won't survive.

I'm fettered and abused,
I stand naked and accused
(Should I surface this one man submarine?)
I only want the truth
So tonight we drink to youth!
(I'll never lose what I had as a boy.)
Sometimes when I'm alone I wonder
Is there a spell that I am under
Keeping me from seeing the real thing?

Love hurts...
But sometimes it's a good hurt
And it feels like I'm alive.
Love sings,
When it transcends the bad things.
Have a heart and try me,
'cause without love I won't survive.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009



First name: Abu Kamal
Name you wish you had: Barazite
What do people normally call your name as: Abu,Kamal,Fabregas(maybe...hahaha)
Birthday: 29th April 1987
Birthplace: Hosptal Gerik,Perak
Time of birth: How should i know
Single or taken: single la..of course
Zodiac sign: Taurus


How tall are you: 165cm
Wish you were taller: i do..
Eye color : black
Current hair color: black
Short or long hair: short
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color: hahaha...nope.Im wondering how am i going to look like..
Last time you did something dramatic with you hair: nah..
Glasses or contacts: glasses
Do you wear make up: hell no
Paint your nails: nope


What eye color : no idea..
What hair color : like i care
Shy or outgoing: *Dont be shyyyyy.....dont be shhhyyyyy~~~*(taken from Babyshambles)
Sexy or cute: both
Serious or fun: fun will do
Older or younger than you: i prefer older than me! hoho
A turn on: i just dont know yet !
A turn off: bitchy


Flowers or chocolates: flowers
Pepsi or coke: im so into pepsi twist
Rap or rock: rock
Relationship or one night stand: relationship
School or work: school
Love or money: both
Movie or music: both
Country or city: city
Sunny or rainy days: rainny...
Friends or family: family la


Lied: of course...everybody does
Smoked: im a heavy smoker
Hurt someone close to you: i did
Broke someone's heart: yup
Had you heart broken: hahaha....i do
Wonder what was wrong with you: seriously i do though...just read my previous post
Wish you were prince or princess: hahaha...i wish i am arsenal player...bole x?
Like someone who was taken: hohoho...i try to avoid that
Shaved your head: i did..twice!
Used chopstick: aiseyh...yes
Sang in the mirror to yourself: nope...will do


Flower: no idea
Candy: ntah
Song: BLINK 182... =(
Scent: hahaha....ntah
Color: black
Singer: Luciano Pavarotti
Junk food: Chacos...
Location: Petaling Jaya
Animal: hamster


Ever cried over someone: i do
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: too many...
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: i want to be just like shrek! hahaha..Am i?
Do you play any sports: i did...i played rugby during school time..and now i just kicking the ball(although im not so good at least i tried)

p/s=to both fara dona & sofia,thanks...i xtaw nak post ape da!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

kenapa susah sngt ahhh..??

kenapa susah sngt bile berkawan ni.mesti ade je yg x puas ati,ade je isu antara aku ngn kwn2 aku.aku rase prob ni dtg dr aku yg aku dah buat?
aku mencuri duit korg ke? aku buat harta ke barang korg? ke mulut aku mmg sngt lps?
kalo nak ikutkan mulut aku mmg mcm 2...kalo aku xske,aku ckp straight je...aku xkesa ko nak rase ape? bukan niat nak nak bgtaw yg ade sumthing dlm diri ko yg aku xleh terima.
aku tau aku pun mmg hbs x perfecto ! kalo ade yg aku lebih2 elok bgtau depan2 je..xpyh guna 3rd party.bile dah gne 3rd party 2 yg akan mengeruhkan keadaan..then,bile dah jd mcm ni aku pun mula la berperasaan..."alah,kwn2 ape la sngt...hilang sorg,dpt sorg! "

tp time aku skola mrsm k.klawang dulu,aku ade gak kwn2 xpenah pulak kitorg bergaduh.xde plak nak jd seteruk ape yg aku tgk jd kat kwn2 aku skrng?mana silap die?
ke mmg aku x sesuai kwn ngn korg? tp aku ade prob dgn 1,2 org je..yg lain sume korg terlalu ego smp xbole nmpk yg kite ni insan lemah...xnak admit kesilapan sendiri!

kalo nak bercerita pasal aku...label je la ape yg korg nak label aku..aku peduli plak kan.ckp la aku internet bergerak ke..counter information aku taw citer pun bukan aku touch up cite 2 jd mcm babi..ape yg aku tau,itu la aku bgtau korg.just ko je anggap aku suke jaga tepi kain org.

arghh..aku rase aku kene tgk ape yg xkene ngn diri aku kalo aku sorg je yg buat mcm 2..xkemana pun..ko patut sedar gak ! ko pun slalu bikin masalah..kalo xde ko aku rase aman je idup kami !

~peace no war~

p/s=aku sngt ketandusan idea smp xde ape aku nak post kat blog aku pun mengambil inisiatif untuk meluahkan ape yg ade dlm kepala otak aku!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Hope That Remains

"These thoughts will carry me through the darkest nights"

Remember there's always a hope when we are in a very bad situation......

credit to AS I LAY DYING




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