Friday, July 4, 2008

Good Bye Buddy..

well mate..this is a picture a of my fren not yet a best fren called Jimmy..hehehe
sounds a lil bit gay but who cares..
i do have a lot of respect for him..
he's talented,tolerate,open minded,independent,shorty ..etc

as u all know he is goin to further his stdy in Arau for Marine Science..
Good luck to u buddy
All the best and i'm gonna miss u..

well,im not finish my stdy yet..
later i'll tell u guys aite..=p

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finally... =)

hello everybody..
i have my own fucking blog..
sounds lame isn't it?
who cares...

well,it starts when...
i have nothing to do with my life at the moment...
i'm single..(just broke up with someone i did love for a long time)
and i feel like a loser..
seriously i do..

this is an intro for u guys..
well,get to now me soon..
its gonna take a while..
gtg(haf to pray la..)