Wednesday, August 20, 2008

she stole something from me

love... !
all we need is love.we need to love someone and to be loved.its been a while since i have my love in my arms.its hard to say man.when u have it u're winning,gaining and losing something.hell no..

she was my everything..its all about her.shes there when i need her.shes my pillow when i wanna sleep.shes holds my hands when im slipping.she gave me strength,courage,desire,hope,hugs,kisses and ... LOVE.

now she took em back.i lost almost everything.i lost the will to live and to love..she STOLE everything... she ruined it.she let me drown in the deep blue sea,without giving me any signs she just le me killed myself...thaks to her.

now i have to build something from out of nothing.. ijust have the courage..desire.thats what left of me.slowly i will come out from the deep sea..and i'll face her.i want her to look waht she've done to me and i believe she'll pay for it one day.

she knew i love her..she just knew it.dont lie !

Allah pls help me !


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

holiday is the best day to watch football..

hello everyone.we meet again.its been a long usual,today is holiday and so i have this oppurtunity to post new thing.

finally,the football season is just started and im so fucking like hell so damn excited.hahaha.i really want to watch my team which is arsenal in u all know they play a very beatiful football.thats what pundit called em.

holiday sux !! just like before.theres nothing i can do except smokin like shit,stare at my laptop and hang out with my best friend (hazwan).haha.sound a lil bit gay but i dont CARE !

Anyway,gtg..the azan is calling my name !

Allahuakhbar !